The Student Conflict Resolution Center works with students to resolve university-based problems and concerns. The services are free and confidential.

SCRC will assist you with any University issue. An ombudsman provides confidential, neutral and informal options. An advocate is available to assist students in formal grievance or disciplinary proceedings. 

To the right is a list of some of the most common areas of concerns we hear from students. Also check out our DIY Resources for common University-based problems.

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Ombudsman Standards

CONFIDENTIAL SCRC is a confidential resource. We do not contact anyone without your knowledge or permission. The only exception to this standard is if we thought someone was in danger based on information we received. 
IMPARTIAL The Ombudsman is not a representative of any party. We are here help facilitate an agreement by the parties.
INDEPENDENT SCRC maintains, by charter, its independence from the University. The Student Conflict Resolution Center is funded by student services fees.
INFORMAL The Ombudsman does not participate in any formal proceeding in any way –the Ombudsman will not participate in grievance hearings, student discipline appeals, or litigation. It is important to note that the Student Conflict Resolution Center and Office of the Ombudsman is not an office of notice within the University community.

What Happens When I Call?

You will work with an Ombudsman for an initial consultation. This may be done over the telephone or in person. We will assist you in identifying and weighing options, finding resources, or any other service you may need. The Ombudsman may offer to assist you in resolving the situation within the University. The Ombudsman will ask for your permission before contacting anyone else. Just because you talk to an Ombudsman does not mean you have to do anything.